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    400 Amp to 200 Amp conversion kit

    400 Amp to 200 Amp conversion kit


    400-amp to 200-amp conversion kit

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    Here at Black Dog we swap nearly every 400-amp generator that rolls through the shop for 200-amp generators. We have found that the 400-amp generators have a proven record of damaging the Humvee’s body harness causing big dollar repairs, we have also had several clients with 400-amp generators that have over charged the batteries causing the batteries to boil and explode. So, replacing the generator is good preventative medicine.

    For a 400-amp to 200-amp conversion, you can still use your 400-amp generator bracket but will need our bolt and spacer kit.

    Included are:
    Adaptor bolt
    Adaptor spacer
    Lock washer
    Retaining nut