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    • I highly recommend doing business with Black Dog Customs… you will soon realize these guys are here to help and not just in it for the money.

      I have purchased several parts from Mike Vaden at Black Dog Customs, from serpentine belts to glow plugs, and Mike always made me feel like I was the only customer he had. His promptness and availability is 1st class. I have contacted Mike multiple times for questions and he has always steered me in the right direction. He has helped me troubleshoot problems I’ve had over the phone more times than I can count. Often times I’ve been tempted to buy a part I think is faulty and I can honestly say Mike is not just all about selling things but rather finding a solution to the problem. I have yet to meet Mike in person and hope to meet him and his staff someday to shake this man’s hand! 

      I recently swapped out my th400 (3-Speed Transmission) to a 4L80E (4-Speed Transmission) and purchased his TCM. His professionalism shows in the packaging and attention to detail on how neatly the harness was made. The quality of the harness did not disappoint. I was wary about purchasing the harness since I am no mechanic. I made a quick phone call after the harness was installed and just as usual, Mike helped me with the programming of the TCM learn mode and within a total of 45 minutes the harness was installed and the truck was on the road again. This harness is well under-priced and from the quality of the harness and how it is put together I think this product is easily worth twice as much. 

      Mike has helped me with multiple issues on my rig, such as sensors going out and bad water pumps, and he even gave me advice on things I needed to replace when I did my engine swap from my 6.2 to the 6.5TD. Mike provided good advice on parts he recommended I change out while the engine was out of the truck. Initially, I tried saving a few bucks here and there by skipping steps such as not getting my fuel pump rebuilt and not rebuilding my injectors. I installed the engine and immediately found the fuel pump and injects needed to be rebuilt due to no fuel past the pump. I went through the headache of swapping out the pump while the engine was in the truck then the truck fired right up after the rebuild. I have found Mike to be a huge asset and is clearly not after getting rich but simply providing information and recommendations due to experience with issues he has had in the past to help avoid running into issues later. I value Mike and his staff HIGHLY for his time and knowledge of these rigs. My only regret in getting into these rigs is not listening to ALL of the advice Mike had provided. I have learned from Mike that it is cheaper and easier to buy new parts and do things right the first time and not seek the cheap route. With all of the issues that have come up, Mike has never made me feel like I was a bother to diagnose an issue or gave me the, “I told you” type of attitude and instead has helped me find the solution to the problem.

      To anyone looking to purchase parts or do business with Black Dog Customs, I recommend doing business with them, and you will soon realize these guys are here to help and not just in it for the money. 

      With that said, thank you Black Dog Customs, and thank you Mike Vaden, you have become a friend to me by simply helping answer my questions and providing the BEST customer service. I understand I am not the only customer he has yet he has always been prompt to return phone calls when he was not available.

      -Officer Nelson Ortiz (5★)

      Officer Nelson Ortiz
    • I would highly recommend Michael Vaden and Black Dog Customs for all your Humvee needs. In a world of Johnny come late-lees, Michael and his team at Black Dog Customs are here for the long haul to best serve their customers.

      Let begin by saying that in the Humvee owners world there are very few people that even come close to possessing the knowledge needed to give advice in maintaining or improving the performance of the Humvee. But there are a number of people who think they know, people who think they know because they read the TM and finally People like Michael Vaden who is knowledgeable from his experience and his apparent love for what he does.

      I would like to thank you and your company Black Dog Customs for your excellent line of product and support. Your willingness to answer my endless questions in a prompt manner makes you top notch.

      Michael Vaden also provided timely and helpful advice regarding the USGear transmission controller I was purchasing. He let me know all the important information regarding the product including all its features. I am a novice mechanic very far from a professional when I required information regarding this product Michael was extremely attentive and he listened to all my concerns with a great deal of patience. Michael also ensured that all the parts I ordered were shipped to my home in Texas. As a Humvee owner working on my rig in my driveway, he put my mind at ease about my ability to install all the product I ordered from him.
      I was very thankful that Michael explained what product would best suit my needs. Michael has a caring approach and he is a true professional. Please accept my gratitude to you Michael and your staff for speedy and efficient services. I was able to complete the transmission swap and install the USGear controller within 30 minutes thanks to Michaels patience and solid advice. I would especially like to commend Michael for his professionalism and superlative skills.

      In closing, I would highly recommend Michael Vaden and Blackdog customs for all your Humvee needs. In a world of Johnny come late-lees, Michael and his team at Blackdog customs are here for the long haul to best serve their customers.

      Best Regards & Wishing you Continued Success,

      -Robert Echeverria (5★)

    • Very personal customer service

      Very personal customer service and lighting fast/fair priced shipping.”

      -Frank Castle (5★)

      Frank Castle
    • Easy to see that this guy is passionate about his work

      “Have not purchased a truck yet, but called to inquire about the trucks. They stayed on the phone with me for almost 30 minutes answering all my questions and shared information I had not even thought about asking. I did not feel rushed, in fact, it is easy to see that this guy is passionate about his work. He invited me over to take a drive and inspect the trucks. I am looking forward to doing that.”

      -Roland Chico Garcia (5★)

      Roland Chico Garcia
    • Very Knowledgeable!

      I’ve ordered lots of parts from these guys that all work perfectly! They are very knowledgeable!

      -Antonio Clement (5★)

      Antonio Clement