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Black Dog Customs M1165 Turbo Build

Black Dog Customs M1165 Turbo Build

Starting @ US$ 77,500

This is the ultimate Humvee! It is the type of Humvee that separates the boys from the MEN! Black Dog Customs has a stellar reputation for building Humvees the right way. Don’t miss out on this mean machine! Check out the impressive list of features:


    • 2006 factory 1165 turbo diesel
    • 6.5 Turbo Diesel Full Factory Set-Up
    • 4-speed 4L80e transmission,
    • 242 Transfer Case
    • Factory TCM and Body Harness
    • Full 12K suspension and frame
    • Under 2000 miles
    • Full 1165 turbo diesel drive train
    • Factory 1165 air-conditioning
    • Full OEM M1165 roof set up
    • Rear window in the rear wall
    • Full turret kit for the roof
    • Full electric turret
    • OEM Coupla for the Turret
    • OEM Gun shield
    • Dummy M60 and Mount
    • Full OEM EVC Hood and Grill Set Up with Frame Extensions
    • OEM Supplemental Armor Doors
    • Airlift Bumper
    • LED Tail and Turn Lights with LED Flash Module
    • Wet Sounds Stereo
    • Black Dog Tire Carrier
    • Radio Tray with Cup Holders
    • Fuel Cut Off Switch
    • Auto Light Switch
    • Good Year MTR Tires on 24bolt rims
    • A2 Brakes with 12-inch Rotors
    • Full Inspection
    • Full Degrease and Pressure Wash
    • Engine to be Thoroughly Inspected
    • Inspected Gauge Cluster and Replaced any Non-Functioning Gauges
    • New Wellman Glow Plugs
    • Installation of an Additional Grounding Harness
    • 2 New Napa 6TL Batteries
    • Fuel Filter Replaced
    • Fuel Filter Relocated
    • New Air Filter
    • New Oil Filter and Oil Change
    • Transmission and Transfer Case Fluid Change
    • Inspected and Change the Fluid in Differentials
    • Inspected Portal hubs for Leaks and Repaired if Necessary
    • Inspected Spindle Nuts and Lock Washers
    • Changed Fluid in Portal Hubs
    • Ran Diagnostics on the 4l80 Transmission and Repaired if Necessary
    • Inspected all Suspension Components and Replaced Any Worn Components
    • Inspected Ball joints, Tie Rod Ends, Pitman Arm and Idler arm, Replaced If Worn
    • Inspected and Repaired/Replaced Generator and Voltage Regulator
    • Pressure Tested the Cooling System
    • Inspected the Hydraulic Fan Clutch System Replace Any Components That May be Faulty
    • Replaced all Preform Hoses on the Engine
    • Replaced Non-Preform Hoses as Needed
    • Replaced all Fuel Return Lines if Needed
    • Flushed the Fuel Tank and System
    • New Fuel Collar
    • Fording Set Up, Less the Snorkel and Tailpipe
    • New Windshield wipers
    • New OEM Insulation and Floor Mats
    • 5/8 Thick Rubber Tunnel Mat
    • Checked Wiper Fluid Reservoir and Replace in Necessary
    • New Hood Bumpers
    • New LED Dash Lights
    • High Back Seats in the Front and the Back
    • New Authentic CARC Paint: 383 Green
    • LED Headlights OEM Heated truck lite LED headlights
    • Tag holders
    • Clear State of Georgia title

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