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    M1043, A2 Slantback (SOLD)

    M1043, A2 Slantback (SOLD)

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    For this build, we started with a great low-mile Slantback Humvee, then ran it through our Black Dog Customs process. Where most other shops simply put “lipstick on a pig”…. Our number one focus is assuring that our Humvees are mechanically sound and that we have verified, tested, and replaced any problems with the vehicle. We replace all consumable items on the vehicle before we then turn to the cosmetics… We strip these trucks down to the bare body, use authentic CARC paint, and new OEM parts, no detail is too small.

    We have done all the hard work on it; now all you have to do is get in and drive.


      • 2002 year
      • A2/M1043 Slantback
      • 1,942 miles
      • 6.5L N/A
      • 4-speed 4L80e transmission
      • 242 transfer case
      • Factory TCM and body harness
      • Full 12K half shafts and portal hubs
      • 12K brakes with 12-inch rotors
      • Full inspection
      • Full degrease and pressure wash
      • Engine replaced by Black Dog Customs
      • New battery cables and terminals
      • New Wellman glow plugs
      • 2 new Napa 6TL batteries
      • Fuel Filter replaced
      • New air filter
      • New oil filter and oil change
      • Transmission and transfer case fluid change
      • Inspected and change the fluid in differentials
      • Inspected Portal hubs for leaks and repaired if necessary
      • Inspected spindle nuts and lock washers
      • Changed fluid in Portal hubs
      • Ran diagnostics on the 4l80 transmission
      • Inspected all suspension components and replaced any worn components
      • Inspected Ball joints, tie rod ends, pitman arm and idler arm, Replaced if worn
      • Inspected and tested voltage regulator
      • Pressure tested the cooling system
      • Inspected the hydraulic fan clutch system replaced any components that may be faulty
      • Replaced all preform hoses on engine
      • Replaced non-preform hoses
      • Replaced all fuel return lines
      • Flushed the fuel tank and system
      • New fuel collar
      • Full Fording set up, Less the snorkel and tailpipe
      • New windshield wipers
      • New windshield glass and seals
      • New hood bumpers
      • New LED dash lights
      • New High back seats in the front cushions in the rear
      • New authentic CARC paint (383 green)
      • Painted undercarriage and wheels
      • Correct C-Pillar installed for Slantback
      • Turret Plug correctly seam-sealed
      • New Shocks for rear hatch
      • New rear hatch seal
      • New Push/Pull cables for the heating system
      • New OEM AMG floor
      • New tunnel matt 5/8 inch rubber
      • OEM LED JW Speaker Headlights
      • Installed Auto light switch
      • New Brenton soft-doors
      • OEM marine corps LED marker lights

    Contact us today at (770) 262-0214 for more information.


    SOLD – Call For Availability!