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    Orion 24/12-70A DC/DC Converter

    Orion 24/12-70A DC/DC Converter


    Professional Energy used for…

    • Battery Chargers
    • DC-AC Inverter
    • Combined Inverter/Chargers
    • DC-DC Converter
    • Isolation Transformers
    • Batteries
    • Battery Monitors
    • Diode & FET splitters


    • Output voltage adjustable with a potentiometer
    • Can be used to charge a 12 Volt battery
    • Remote on-off connector
    • Fan assisted cooling (temp. controlled)

    Please Note: Does not include wiring harness. For kit including the wiring harness, please refer to our kit listing.

    2 in stock (can be backordered)


    Orion 2412-70A DC/DC Converter


    • Input voltage range 18-35Vdc
    • Optimal remote on/off
    • Adjustable output voltage range 10-15Vdc
    • Fan assisted cooling (temp. controlled)
    • Can be connected in parallel


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